The competition is tough and not everyone plays fair. Especially in e-commerce, there are many black sheep that ignore the legislation and thus gain an advantage over the competition.

Consumers are not adequately informed about their rights, the products are described inadequately or price components are not stated correctly. There is no information on the base price or included extras. A cancellation policy is not available or incorrect.

All of these can be reasons to take action against the competition, for example, with a warning letter or a temporary injunction. For the lawyers to work properly, the corresponding violations must be tracked and documented. That’s our job.

Through test purchases and extensive image documentation, we can identify disguised commercial sellers who sell “privately” on eBay on a commercial scale, identify their identity and secure enough evidence for the processing law firm to enforce your claim.

This also applies to companies from other EU countries, which are aimed at the German market, but do not comply with local laws and in some cases do not even have an imprint.

We do not offer legal advice, but we can recommend specialized law firms.