Our unique discovery technology enables you to track down, capture and evaluate all forms of copyrighted material in peer-2-peer networks. Based on your specific needs, our investigation tool will monitor your valuable and protected works and react immediately as to minimize your losses and, if requested, apply further legal actions by means of our cooperative partners to legally claim your rights. Illegal use of photographs can as well be determined very effectively using our unique software.


How high is the actual damage?

By monitoring various peer-2-peer networks, violations are identified, the responsible participants are determined and tracked by the respective partners in the respective markets, and your damage is prevented or compensated.

Innovative approaches are used to determine the unauthorized use of photographs, which allows a more precise damage assessment, focusing on the actual quantities.


Data analysis

The collected data and our expertise allow us to create professional reports regarding quality and quantity of copyright infringement on monitored titles. Thus, providing our customers crucial information over the type, time and volume of rights violations.