Our custom-developed tracking software monitors thousands of titles worldwide simultaneously, and excels over our competitors in detecting copyright infringements.

SKB’s monitoring service guarantees constant worldwide monitoring of your digital content and protects you against copyright infringement and illegal file sharing. These could include raw data streams from previously audited results, as well as untested data streams and reports for various means, such as:

  • General market research and analysis
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Tracking and exploitation strategies


Global reach

Our investigation solutions can provide you with global data for the evaluation of the file sharing activities for your recovery strategy. In addition, through international business cooperation, we can offer our services worldwide.


Infringement data and evidence logging

  • Comprehensive evidence protection
  • Customizable data services
  • Customer-specific monitoring solutions
  • Real-time data acquisition


Pre-release service

Our monitoring service can be extended to monitor specific titles and works pre-release, thus minimizing the losses of illegal file sharing. This approach provides you with the ability to identify security gaps in your sales system and maximize sales figures.